About SBES

Slt box Estate SalesSalt Box Estate Sales offers top rated, highly regarded, & long standing estate sale and household liquidation service in the Capital District.  Living in Niskayuna, and being lifelong residents we are familiar with the entire area, and have previously conducted sales in different neighborhoods.

Our goal is to sell the contents of your home and bring you the highest amount of value we can, all the while making it a pleasant and trouble free experience for you and your family.

Salt Box Estate Sales is run by Lori & Paul Lovell and we have a great team of people who work with us to set-up and coordinate all the activities needed to run a successful sale. We will provide the set-up, sorting, cleaning and displaying. When that is being completed, we will take pictures of the home’s contents, advertise the sale on the internet, invite the public, provide security, all in preparation for the sale.

We like what we do and we are dedicated and committed to providing the highest quality professional services possible. We enjoy working with families, individuals, executors, attorneys, & real estate brokers to help bring the best resolution to all your estate sale needs.

When you are contemplating what to do next, please give us a call and we will come in and suggest what may be the best approach for you. Don’t throw anything away! Many items you think are worthless, can be just what someone else is searching for. We will go through everything to determine what can be sold and what should be discarded.

Once the sale is over, we can arrange for the removal of all unsold items.

Each sale is different and circumstances will not always be the same. You have the option to retain any of the leftover items, or you can sell the remaining items to a wholesaler or flea market vendor, or items can be donated to many worthwhile charities like Salvation Army, City Mission, Jesreel Ministries, Habitat for Humanity ReStores, Veterans Centers, or church rummage sales. Some items can also be sold on consignment or on ebay or brought to future sales, or left behind to stage the house for being sold. Many sales end with a combination of all the above options.

We will work with you to make sure your house is as empty as you want it to be.